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Designed with you in the center.

Who in the world would go through so much trouble just for nine rooms? Well, we here at Odin would, simply because this is the stuff we love…


The lounge is the beating heart of Kimamaya. You will have a glass of wine or coffee, listen to a jazz track or read Monocle around the soothing flames of the fireplace here. Walk with bare feet across the timber flooring and kick back in one of the lazy couches. And do leave your own books behind to make sure the library is better off when you leave than when you came.


What’s paradise without good food? Not paradise of course! Hence, we had to think about food like the French or the Japanese would: great, or nothing. Come and enjoy our all-season French alpine food and wine fare in Hokkaido’s warmest authentic bistro atmosphere inspired by the architecture of Hokkaido’s traditional farming barns. You can even try a glass of wine from the owners vineyard in Burgundy.


‘Onsen’ (‘warm spring’) is a Japanese word that captures all there is to know about the pleasures of hot water bathing, splashing about and truly relaxing. We have two wonderful communal hot spa-bath rooms for guests to enjoy, one with an oak tub and one with a tub of stone. Private bookings are welcome.


Because Kimamaya by Odin is active, physical, playful, it also needs to be soothing. We’ve worked really hard to make it one of the best massage and relaxation experiences in Niseko. Get your body back in shape after a day on the slopes or in the backcountry.


‘Luxury boutique hotel’ does not have to mean ‘no kids allowed’. Certainly not here. Quite the contrary. We’ve made a kids room filled with cushions(ready for major pillow fights) and a big screen TV downstairs for evening fun. And day time we set them up for the fun of their lives on the slopes. Hey, we were kids too.

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